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Are you into flight simulation? Navigraph Charts is the preferred charts app in the flight simulation community offering the largest coverage available of Jeppesen charts updated continuously every 28 days following the AIRAC cycle.

Navigraph Charts allows you to search, view and organize airport charts from 6,800 airports around the globe. You can connect it to FSX, Prepar3D or X-Plane, to plot your position on charts, or use it independently to plan your route.

Navigraph Charts contains the following features:

- Worldwide and current Jeppesen IFR charts: 6,800+ airports covered (requires Navigraph subscription)
- Moving maps: connect to X-Plane, FSX and Prepar3D to show the simulator's aircraft position on the charts in real time (requires Navigraph Simlink on simulator computer)
- Night mode: Dark theme version of the charts for low ambient light conditions
- Route calculation: Automatically calculate a route between any airport pair directly in the app
- SID and STAR visual overviews: View airport procedures overlaid on the enroute chart for better understanding of the airspace and more straightforward flight planning
- Flight organization: Interactively display the flight's route on the enroute chart, and collect charts for departure, destination and alternates in a single place
- Chart overlays: Overlay SID, STAR and approach charts on the enroute chart for easier transitions between different envelopes of the flight and for increased situational awareness
- Chart color coding and pinboards: Easily filter specific chart types and pin charts for quick access
- Interactive enroute charts: Click and search airports, waypoints, navaids, airways, controlled and restricted airspaces, FIRs/UIRs, holding patterns and more
- Flight plan import: Import flight plans from SimBrief and other external route calculator tools

For the ultimate experience we recommend subscribing to Navigraph Ultimate which ensures that you are always flying using the most recent charts and navdata used by all online pilots and air traffic controllers in the flight simulation community.

Navigraph Ultimate includes, in addition to worldwide charts access, updated navdata parsed into more than 120 different addon formats including aircraft like PMDG B737/747/748/777, Qualitywings B787, Flight Factor A320, IXEG 737 and many more. Navigraph Ultimate also includes regular updates to the navigation databases in flight simulators such as X-Plane 11.

Please note that:

- This product is for home flight simulation use only and must not be used for real world navigation
- This product is free to use in demo mode but requires a Navigraph account
- This product requires a Navigraph Charts or Navigraph Ultimate subscription for full access to all airport charts

Pro tips:

- We recommend that you install Navigraph Charts on your desktop too. All changes you make to Flights, Favorites and Pinboards are immediately reflected on your tablet
- With a current Navigraph Charts or Navigraph Ultimate subscription you can also access airport charts in the virtual Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) on the virtual flightdeck of many addon aircraft


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